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Agency Supremacy And The Vengeful Female Stalker

With that said, what you do to protect yourself from harm and to boost or recognize the need for sound personal security habits is critical.  The police and the women's movement are stuck on who stalk more. They focus on who killed more in our society but we should be more concerned about when evil happens and what we can do to counter it no matter the gender of the person.  As the target of a vengeful female stalker, your single most important role is to stand for yourself in a way no one has.  This hardiness mindset is the one thing that will help you conquer the wickedness of vengeful female stalkers, who were once your intimate partners.

We are living at a time in American history where Agency Supremacy, the feminist movement, and the economic greed of persons leading the domestic violence sector have created an unfavorable tide for victimized men, their children, and women who do not meet the stereotypes of our nation's domestic violence "agencies."  

Vengeful female stalkers are predators. They are relentless. Whereas a male stalker depends on himself to hunt a female, and will usually carry out crimes against her on his own, the vengeful female often relies on law enforcement to assist her goals through the use of false allegations.  They will also use other men to help them injure, disfigure, and, or, carry out the homicides of their targets. You must be careful!  Learn about Dangerous Personalities.

Standby for a series of interviews with experts on unique and common challenges experienced by male stalking victims who are targets of their former intimate partners.  

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