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Stalking By Proxy involves the use of law enforcement and, or, another agency, individuals, to track a stalking target/victim. When utilized by vengeful female stalkers (who were formerly intimate partners) it is done through the use of false allegations.  A single 911 phone call to law enforcement and a claim against the target by the stalker can lead to an arrest, loss of liberty, loss of employment, the inability to obtain employment while charges are pending. The assumption is that the target is guilty and while the presumption of innocence should apply in all settings until guilt or innocence is properly established, in the Stalking By Proxy setting the target's stalking experience is not considered, viewed as valid or plausible. These circumstances can lead to a trial and in many cases without the help of competent legal counsel. Under these conditions, many poor, working-class men have been convicted or have accepted a plea for something they did not do.

The FBI's Law Enforcement Bulletin's article: False Allegations of Adult Crimes, acknowledges that false allegations of crimes are predominately committed by females. It explains how these types of crimes occur, offender typology and goals, and why court officials and law enforcement tend to overlook these crimes.  The problem is law enforcement often refuse to examine clear evidence that point to the accuser as the real offender. In part, the reasons appear to be linked to their injured pride.  But what about their conscience, should pride, position and ego be placed before the dismantling of a target's life?  Rather than discouraging victimization many prosecutors defer to the police to prevent Stalking By Proxy. The police inturn refer to gender as the deciding factor.

This project began as an initiative to serve male stalking targets in the capital district. However, no matter where you are reach out.

How then can law enforcement do a better job at detecting deception and is it possible to do so without endangering the lives of innocent people?  According to the American Psychological Association: "Research has consistently shown that people's ability to detect lies is no more accurate than chance, or flipping a coin. This finding holds across all types of people — students, psychologists, judges, job interviewers and law enforcement personnel (Personality and Social Psychology Review, 2006)."


Former FBI profiler Joe Navarro, M. A.,  and John R. Schafer, M. A., wrote an article titled Detecting Deception which delves deeply into its subject. Another article, Evaluating Truthfulness and Detecting Deception By David Matsumoto, Ph.D.; Hyi Sung Hwang, Ph.D.; Lisa Skinner, J.D.; and Mark Frank, Ph.D. was produced by the FBI's Law Enforcement Bulletin.

Under the section Non-Verbal Clues the document states: [Researchers] Matsumoto et al. identified five behavioral areas that provide cues to deceit: facial expressions, gestures, body language, voice, and verbal style.  The first behavioral area is directly linked with identifying and interpreting microexpressions. Microexpressions (e.g. of fear, anger, joy, etc.) are small indicators of otherwise suppressed emotion which may appear unconsciously on a person’s face for a duration as brief as 1/25th of a second.  A few microexpression examples and their correlating emotions include: 1) false smiles, indicated by a lack of bagged skin under the eyes and/or the absence of crow’s feet wrinkles; 2) anger, indicated by lowered eyebrows; and 3) fear, indicated by raised eyebrows. An “alert observer will be able to detect such a facial expression” unless the observer blinks at the exact moment the microexpression appears. For example, students at the FBI National Academy and the U.S. Coast Guard have been trained to recognize the occurrence of microexpressions at a real-time rate of more than 70% and 80%, respectively."

It continues:  "Other research has looked beyond facial movements to other regions of the body. For example, liars often suppress “nervous” behaviors when lying, partly because the individual may self-consciously try to control movement and partly because lying may create a greater cognitive burden than telling the truth. When one concentrates on a complicated task, other movements frequently cease, particularly motions of the feet, legs, hands, and fingers. Other possible bodily indicators of deception include compressed lips, chin withdrawal, and ventral denial (turning the front of the body away from the speaker), among many other signs of bodily discomfort."

In conclusion, it is the opinion of Stalking By Proxy.com that given the many areas that must be considered when determining a lie, a police officer's initial response to a 911 call is not sufficient exposure to make a determination about the guilt or innocence of the accused or the person reporting the alleged crime.  It is also not sufficient exposure to initiate an arrest without determining the character and possible motive of the person reporting the crime. It is not enough exposure to establish the facts. Cleary, given the prevalence of Stalking By Proxy, law enforcement does not understand how to assess lying. But anyone who uses Stalking By Proxy should be considered a threat to society. Stalking By Proxy is a mendacious, vengeful act by an abusive individual, but it is also a systemic crime for which all branches of law enforcement and the prosecution are complicit.

Published in Australia, Stalking by Law: Damaging victims and rewarding offenders by Michele Pathe, Rachel MacKenzie, Paul Edward Mullen, examines those areas of the justice system that are particularly susceptible to manipulation by stalkers and the impact of these abuses by the stalking victim. While the content of the article focuses on the Australian legal system, it shares many common challenges of real stalking victims in American society. The authors "present ways in which the problems encountered by stalking victims may be frustrated rather than alleviated by specific aspects of the enforcement of anti-stalking laws and the functioning of certain courts and tribunals. Approaches that prevent or discourage the perpetuation of harassment and damage to victims of stalking with the legal system are discussed."

It Begins With A Lie: Victimization & Stalking by Proxy.

The Perpetrator of Stalking By Proxy Has One of Four Dangerous Personalities

• The Narcissist

• The Emotionally Unstable

• The Paranoid

• The Predator / Parasite

Stalking By Proxy is by far the most employed method of hunting and punishing a male target for leaving an abusive intimate partner. It is a method of psychological maltreatment. The authority of the agency (usually law enforcement) becomes an extension of the stalker's attacks, abuse, and harassment. There is, however, a characteristic profile of such persons regardless of race or gender, and that is that all persons who utilize Stalking By Proxy are Dangerous personalities. It is reasonable to assume that if the stalker's past acts and personality meet a troublesome assessment that conditional probability should be considered by law enforcement within the Stalking By Proxy setting.  Law enforcement should not ignore these factors, but they do, often they search for reasons not to hold the female Stalking by Proxy offender accountable. In so doing, they add to the hardship of the male victim of Stalking by Proxy.

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The document: Cues to Catching Deception in Interviews: A Brief Overview published on November 2012 by National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism. A Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Center of Excellence Based at the University of Maryland, states “No one verbal cue indicates deception, but the probability of deception increases when clusters of deceptive indicators are present.”  It continues " Moreover, practitioners who learn to watch for these combinations and interactions ofdeception cues have been known to significantly increase their accuracy in detecting deception."



A Real Life Stalking By Proxy Case

Mr. Q. Lee Jackson was found Not Guilty On Five Counts On Thursday, 4, October, 2018.


He was arrested on January 26, 2018 and suspended from his job immediately afterwards.  His stalker, a former intimate partner had been stalking him for months and she used his work clothes to get him to go to her residence. He had left her in his apartment in August 2017 hoping that she would finally work but she got help from DSS and was moved to a new residence. She got the help from DSS by filing false charges against her own mother after asking her mother to allow her to stay in her residence. This young woman had Mr. Jackson arrested after he visited her home to get the work clothes she had taken with her along with several items from his apartment. She used that opportunity after he left to call 911 and told them he assaulted her. This young man was railroaded by Schenectady County's Police, the Prosecutor and the Judge. The corruption included no investigation by law enforcement. The prosecutor blocked all his evidence and his court-appointed lawyer was so horrible the jury was sickened by his representation of this young man. All his witnesses were blocked with the exception of one, an executive at the Golub Corporation.  All his witnesses were pre-screened on the spot, in the court, three to four times, and then told they could not testify for him. The court refused an affidavit from the accuser's mother. The court refused all of the family members of the accuser who wanted to speak the truth. The court rejected them.  When you have family members of a fake victim testifying for the defense that says a lot.


The Golub Corporation, the parent company of Price Chopper Supermarket had fired this young man without business necessity but now they were in court to speak on his behalf. The Golub executive praised this young man and said he had a good reputation and was missed by his fellow workers. The ADA John Carson was confident he controlled the court and would achieve a conviction. A number of persons present obserbed that the judge and the prosecutor John Caroson appeared to be texting each other during the trial. This is the type of story that should be on the front pages of every publication in this country.  If God had not intervened this young African American male would have never survived the injustice in that courtroom.


I first wrote a featured story about this young man's struggle and developed a poster using stock images to protect his identity.  New York State is not the only state with these type of judges in the Domestic Violene Part of the family court. This is happening across the country. Nine days before the trial I had written a well-documented grievance to have the lawyer replaced. The judge could not dimiss it becasue it was being sent to the Appellate Division as well. The judge asked the defendant if he wanted a new lawyer realizing he had to provide one if the defendant had agreed but this young man was so terrified of the system that he thought he might be given a worse lawyer and opted to keep his horrible lawyer. This proved to be a serious error. But later when he changed his mind we still had grounds to file another grievance because the lawyers actions grew even more sinister the judge knowing this lawyer was grossly incompetent did not allow it. Instead, he made fun of the lawyer and demeaned him in court rather than simply remove him. For the second greivance he requested a Marsden Motion before jury selection began. His reasons were well documented but the judge refused.


My advice to anyone facing false allegations is to make sure you have an advocacy strategy there is a lot you can do outside the court that can impact what happens inside the court.  Educate yourself, you must read. You cannot defeat anyone in the court system if you do not know your rights and if you do not act in a timely manner. It’s imperative.


This young man’s freedom is a gift from God.  You can have a victory too. Above all pray for wisdom when the devil is determine to destroy you in the court system. Don’t squander your time and energy. Don’t be fearful of men, do all you can. Give God something to bless. Humble yourself and plead for God’s guidance and intervention. Action must always accompany prayer with supplication. Be proactive and commmitted to your goals and God will produce the victory.

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