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An advocacy strategy is a method of making sure your needs are met, and your liberty is protected. Shaping an advocacy strategy starts with your story. You may re-experience trauma, past and current, but at least you won't have to climb through the experience without positive support.  This section covers resources and the phone number for an advocacy researcher and strategist who volunteers to assist our group.  

The sudden nature of victimization creates little opportunity to prepare.  But you can still work hard to overcome victimization by never yielding to the pressure of the system to accept a plea for something you know you did not do.  In many ways, knowing and holding onto your innocence is the first advocacy goal. It is dehumanizing to have to go through the experience of being tracked and harassed by a former intimate partner via law enforcement and the courts.  What's more, employers are now chiming in by finding reasons to cut you off from your employment which only makes your circumstances and life more vulnerable to harm and incarceration. If you can't find a job how can you protect your liberty and dignity?  Fighting the lies are compounded by the fact that the stalking harassment you are experiencing pales in comparison to the reported homicides of persons of the opposite sex.  In reality, the primary goal of law enforcement should be acknowledging evil when it happens regardless of the gender or race of the person to whom it is occurring. This group and advocacy strategy exist to address and correct the burdens we are experiencing as a result of Stalking By Proxy, as much as we can collectively and based on our own efforts. So let us begin:


If you have lost your home or apartment, the first goal is to find a new living situation. This means you will need to know as much as possible about housing advocacy.  At this link you will find a guide by the National Low Income Housing Coalition.          


You will also benefit from knowing more about your civil rights and where you can file complaints: At this link, you will find a resource by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.  Getting Uncle Sam To Enforce Your Civil Rights.


The NYC Bar Association: A Guide To Unemployment Law for Non-Lawyers:


In your dealings with attorneys provided to you by the state use this resource to learn of the standards that affect this field.


To file a charge with the EEOC, you need to request an interview. The website is very perplexing. However, this is the link to enter the portal to fill out an interview request form.    


According to the National Law Review websites the EEOC portal is suppose to simply the process: Learn more at this link.


We will be adding more content the week of September 1st, 2018 


To reach our volunteer advocacy researcher and strategist contact: 518-992-6143 weekdays between 3 and 8 pm. Monday through Wednesday including holidays.

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Your Advocacy Strategy And Countering Victimization

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